Getting Started with the Job Hunt

Getting started with your job hunt can be incredibly overwhelming. If it’s the first time you’ve looked for work in years, the changes in the job search process with the advent of the Web might cause added anxiety if you’re not comfortable with technology. This quick overview will help you get a handle on the first steps.

How can I get an email address?

An email address is essential for many aspects of a job search, including completing online applications and using Internet job sites like If you do not have an email account, you can easily create a free account at Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other sites. You will need to choose a username (the first part of your email address) and password. You may have to try several versions of your username. Here are some tips for choosing a user name. You will need a password that is secure but memorable.

What documents will employers ask for?

Gather documents and background information. Many employers will ask for proof of legal residency in the United States. You may need your Social Security Card, driver’s license or Colorado State ID card, and your birth certificate. Obtain a replacement Social Security card. Obtain a Colorado State ID card and Driver’s License. Obtain a replacement Birth Certificate.

How can I contact former employers for references or verification of employment?

You may need to supply information about former employers. ReferenceUSA (Available with a library card) makes it easy to look up business addresses all over the country.

T3 Contributor:
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