Getting Started with the Job Hunt

Getting started with your job hunt can be incredibly overwhelming. If it’s the first time you’ve looked for work in years, the changes in the job search process with the advent of the Web might cause added anxiety if you’re not comfortable with technology. This quick overview will help you get a handle on the first steps.

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Finding Job Openings

The first step in getting a new job is finding open positions. This can pose particular challenges for older workers and those recently incarcerated. Using the websites and resources included here will get you on the right track to finding your dream job.

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Your resume is the first thing many potential employers may see from you. You want to make sure that you’re making a great first impression by including all the right info in your resume and making sure it looks great.

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Acing the Interview

You’ve found a job posting that is right up your alley, prepped your resume and sent it off. If all goes well, you’ll get a phone call or an email inviting you to interview. The interview, be it face to face or over the phone, is your chance to set yourself apart from the crowd – and is usually the most nerve-wracking part of the process! Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to making a great impression.

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More Job Resources

Hopefully our Jobhunter’s Guide gave you a great starting point for your employment search. The links below will provide even more great info including suggestions for how to manage unemployment.

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Web Resources Template

We’ve selected a few of the best ready reference websites to help you quickly find answers and research on your own. If you need more or different information sources please stop by or call the library. Our librarians and staff are here to help! Animals & Wildlife | Automotive | Books & Literary Links | Business & Investment | Colorado | Consumer Protection | … Read more