November 18, 2013


Create an intuitive and dynamic web presence for your library.
No technical expertise needed.

  • Does your library need a website but you don’t have the time or resources to build one from scratch?
  • Or perhaps you have a fear of HTML?
  • Does your library have a website that is hard to maintain?
  • Do you think your website could be doing more for you and your patrons?


So…what is Colorado Online Libraries?

It is a website authoring software developed by the Network and Resource Sharing Department of the Colorado State Library. NRS will host your website, deliver hands-on training, and provide you with a copy of the manual. And best of all, it is FREE!

Who can benefit from using Colorado Online Libraries?

Over 30 public libraries in Colorado are using the service of the Colorado State Library to provide their patrons 24/7 online access to their library catalog, as well as to other online resources, a calendar of events, information about their services and much more.

Learn More about what Colorado Online Libraries can do for your library.