December 3, 2013

Level 1 – Description of Service

The Colorado State Library will work with you to determine which level is the best fit for your needs.

Library responsibilities:

  • Provide graphics, URL and data to set-up and configure the Library’s website.
  • Send one or more staff members to Colorado Online Libraries training to learn the editing features.
  • Commit a minimum of 1/2 hour per week for website updates and maintenance.
  • Provide a contact person for phone or email questions generated from the website.
  • Identify staff to participate in any Colorado Online Libraries training, technical programs, and content development activities that may be made available.
  • Use the website as the Library’s homepage and as a portal for information of interest to the community.
  • Promote the Library’s collection, programs, and services through the library website.

Colorado State Library will provide:

  • Full assistance on website, including adding/changing content when requested, excluding additional PHP customization.
  • Choice of 5-6 predetermined basic themes that are responsive and HTML 5 ready.
  • Up-to-date and secure WordPress infrastructure.
  • A subdomain web address under (e.g.
  • Hosting of the website as part of a Word Press multisite implementation.
  • Website customization that includes selection of website colors, Library branding logos, and the ability to opt in/out to widgets (described below).
  • The template for the Library will include
    • A calendar with recurring events
    • Links to online catalog or embedded catalog search where possible
    • RSS feed box capability
    • Repopulated popular links
    • Optional staff area
    • Ability to embed photos and video
  • Training and documentation focused on content management
  • Information and training on website best practices.

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